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Comercial Reimex, S.L. a company located in the natural surroundings of Santoña in Cantabria, in response to the demands of today’s markets, is constantly renewing itself by developing new technologies, innovating and conducting ongoing research into its Anchovy Paste.
Reimex faces the future with the aim o making this company competitive in both domestic and foreign markets.


Our Company

As a consequence of the advanced technology of our facilities and strict controls, the final result is that our anchovy Paste is a product of undeniable QUALITY.

Our facilities and quality control system, evidence of our concern for the environment, are in accordance with European Union and United States regulations and give rise to a product which is natural in its ingredients, thereby contributing to an image which is in harmony with our natural environment: ECOLOGICAL QUALITY.

While our Anchovy Paste is ideal to accompany any dish, some of its principal uses are with:

This is a non-genetically modified product. Non additives: no colouring, no preservatives, no artificial flavouring. A natural product: THE NAUTRAL TASTE OF THE ANVCHOVY.
Rich in Calcium, vitamins D and B12 and fatty acids, polyunsaturates, Omega 3 (reduces the risk of cardio-vascular disease…)